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We run mediacl department at our premises since long. 20 super special doctors give their to our organisation.

All specialist check all patients thoroughly and our organisation  charges very negliogible from the patient.





Throughout the year 2008-09 approx. 4600 patients are benefited in the medical dept. We also organise twice a year camp programme at our premises and almost 500 patients are benefited in every camp.

 Download : List of Visiting Doctors


We run dialises dept. At our premises at 5th floor where two doctors round the closk give their prominent services. We charge veru negligible  concessional rate. Through the year  appro. 5000 patients are given traeatment of dialises. In the current year upto june 2009 approx. 500 patients took treatment at our premises.


Physioterapy works wonderfully and carries out very excellent work . We give treatment like electro theraphy in that we give interferential therapy , s.w.d., ultra sonic, i.r., p.wax bath, t,.n.s. laser, cericel traction, lumber traction, electric muscle stimulation ( a) i.g. (b) s..f. 

We also gives  for mobilisation + strengthening excercises at a very concessional and negligible rates. Approx. 1200 patients are benefited throughout the year 2008-09.

Health club

We run health club in  experts of physical fitness trainer gives tips to the persons. In last year ended 31st march 2009 approx. 1500 persons are benefited by having physical fitness programme. We have 27 instruments in our health club like walker, twister, rotatory torso, shoulder press, fly peck – deck, chest press. Lat pull rowing, pull up, dipping bar, multi hip, deltiod raise, wrist curl, incline bench press, flat cross duer, smith press, trileps extention, arm curl, leg press, leg extention, leg curl, inner / outer thigh, abdominal lower back, crunch board, sit-up board, roman side, free weight  - (a) Dumbells (b) barbell. Mr.vijay parsana the prominent personality in physical training abd his staff are giving tips of health.