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The Jain community originated in Village  Osiaji near Jodhpur in Rajasthan , Twenty families migrated to Gujarat, with Jain philosophy & Cultural  Shri Jain visa Oswal Club is established on 1st July,1916 with objectives of establishing better living & brotherhood amongst the Jain  community.  The basic objective was to provide Higher Education, Health Care, Medical facilities to establish basic skills & Economic development.  After 93 years Jain community and its members have been established & flourished in India as well as globally.

We had proud to say that in Ahmedabad few establishments made by our members are ;
1. Vadilal Sarabhai Hospital
2. L.D Engineering college

The basic ‘objective ‘of this Ahmedabad based Organization, is to provide every one, philosophy and culture of Jain / Oswal community such as Non-violence, Humility, forbearance, Gentleness, Self-control ,clean character & Business Excellence. In last 90 years from 20 family we had grown up to 1500 families  with population around 9000 persons.

Welcome to Shree Jain Visa Oswal Club  :

To cater to the needs of the community, the club has 3000 sq.yds of land  in the heart  of the city & approx. 70,000 sq.feet of constructed area, seven storied building has been built on the land.

This website is developed to provide fast communication and services to Shree Jain Visa  Oswal Club Community. The aim is to inspire, educate and inform members of their cultural identity and richness of it. It is also hoped to reach out to all Oshwals and offer them services they can relate to and encourage and promote positive Oshwal identity as well as greater educational and understanding of being Oshwal.

The Shree Jain Visa Oswal Club  is committed to undertake the activities in the field of social, education, medical, personality development, cultural, housing, sports, games, woman development and upliftment of down trodden class of society and such other activities as decided by the Managing Committee and General Body from time to time. Its functions are as per Memorandum of Association registered with the Charity Commissioner, Ahmedabad.

The activities of Shri jain Visa Oswal Club are  completely done through donations received from public. The activities and functions of the Shree Jain Visa Oswal Club  are performed and managed by a team as under